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We Need 500 Volvesters!!!!

Thank you for inquiring about our new “Rocky Top featuring Neyland Stadium”. We are excited to bring our patent-pending work of art to VOL Nation. We are about to begin a campaign (early November 2020) and need you as a member of our Volunteer Army!

In order to get this campaign off the ground, we are selling the first 500 models at the lowest rate which would allow us to start production. You will be known as a VOLVESTER, a Vol fan willing to commit a financial investment of this first of its kind Rocky Top piece. The incentive for your investment will be price points not available for general retail sales.

We will need your investment through a Kickstarter campaign ( entitled “Rocky Top featuring Neyland Stadium”, beginning in early November 2020. There will be various levels of investments, $600, $750, and $900 (retail) level. This hand-crafted, museum-quality work of art featuring landscaping, lights, and sound is valued at more than $1,000. We will not start the Kickstarter campaign until we have the assurance this piece will be licensed by the Collegiate Licensing Corporation. We already have the blessings of the university, so it is just a matter of crossing our “Power T’s”.

Because these are handcrafted works of art, our target date of delivery is scheduled for the 2021 season. However, as a VOLVESTER, it is important that we get our funding established early to assure no delays take place.

What we need from you is your commitment through Kickstarter to be a part of this tremendous campaign. We will keep you informed of our progress by email, on our website, “The Stadium Guy” Facebook page, Instagram, or other social media. If you want to commit early (like right now), that would be possible too! Your funds will be secured in an escrow account and you will be acknowledged in the order of payment with weekly updates.

Also, you can order more than one if you so desire. Our goal is to reach 500 VOLVESTERS as soon as possible. Getting to this number will speed up production and thus, your work of art will be available for display before the official debut in 2021. Email us at either or and we will get back with you!

We look forward to working with you on bringing this special piece to VOL Nation!

Size: 30" x 30" x 8" Handcrafted

Go Big Orange!

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