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Preparing to Send For License - For the Buckeye Lover!!!!

Ohio State Football Stadium complete with LED stadium lighting, fight song, and traditions!

This is our exact replica of this historic model created by architect-engineer Reginald Rutledge owner of Stadiums Art' Us

The electronic design on this stadium is outstanding! Creating box to send for NCAA licensing!

For the Buckeye Lover!!!!

Imagine waking up to this in your living room, mancave, sports room or store!

Just take the time to watch and listen.

My name is Reginald Rutledge. I own a little company called Stadiums Art' Us. I have created more than 100 different college stadiums.

I want you to own what I get the privilege to see every day. I need your help in bringing something as exquisite as this to #BuckeyeNation. This is no gimmick!

It is authentic and real! This architectural model is 32 in. x 32 in. x 11. I need your help through financial commitment to be a part of my Buckeyevesters Program through Kickstarter. (Program links to be shared soon)

This stadium would normally cost about $5,000 but because we need a certain amount to get started with mass production, we have an introductory low price of $600 plus shipping! The first 100 units sold would be at that price. The next 100 would be at $750 and the final 50 at $900.

You would then have to wait about 90 days as mass production of the product happens.

Check my credentials, Facebook, or Google me. I am very legitimate!

For more information, contact us at or PM for more information.

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