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Neyland Stadium product! License application.

Woke up to find that…

The University of Tennessee wants to carry our Neyland Stadium product!

They were very excited about what they saw and felt it would be a great addition!

Next is Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Texas A&M, OU, Florida State and others.

We’ve got 3 apparel stores coming on board with Volshop being the official university apparel store.

This has been a long journey but what I’ve learned along the way makes every new school a little easier.

Monumental Step for Stadiums Art' Us

As I finished my license application to the NCAA today!!! I thought I was writing a senior paper which took me 2 months to complete! Now I can move things along with the VOLVESTERS campaign. First things first!

This application will give the opportunity to apply to as many programs as I want.

So now I can focus on finishing orders to my customers.

Did a Deal with Alumni Hall Apparel - Dropped the Mic

Wow they all said, when I walked in and opened up the box, right away they said how soon can you get this to us!

Just think, to be be the supplier of schools such as LSU, OU, Tennessee, etc., is like that dream finally coming true and preaching the importance of knowledge through education pays off!

The Story Behind the Stadium.....

Exact Replica 3D Architectural Model

3 ft x 3ft x 1 ft museum quality display plays Rocky Top and has traditions sprinkled across the landscape are captivating with its LED remote control lighting system designed for the ultimate Vol fan!

For more information, contact us at

GO Big Orange!

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