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When I was a kid, I watched the Greatest Game of the Century between the #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers and the #2 Oklahoma Sooners.  It was the #1 offense of the Oklahoma Sooners and the #1 defense of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. At that time, the game drew 64,000 fans which was the largest crowd in college football history.

Everything about the game lived up to its billing.  The game featured all the pageantry of college football.  It would impact me for the rest of my life.  Fast forward a few years later to this school in east Tennessee called the Volunteers.  They had this QB named Condredge Holloway.  He made magic up in those hills of the Smoky Mountains. The Stadium was called Neyland Stadium, named after the legendary coach of the Tennessee Volunteers, General Robert Neyland.

The stadium sat along the side of the Tennessee River, with one of the greatest backdrops to a football game on an autumn Saturday.  So many memories of days gone by.

But memories like that were directly impactful to me and my love of stadium building.  My name is Reginald Rutledge, and I am known as the Stadium Guy. To give you a little insight into my credentials, I studied aerospace engineering at the University of Tennessee and electrical engineering at the University of Texas.  I have worked as in the aerospace and telecommunication industry for about 25 years. My years in architecture has played well for me as my passion for stadiums hinge around my knowledge of structures. I was an athlete but chose to pursue my love of education instead. I wanted to combine my love for sports and my formal training to create these works of arts, cathedrals of some of the greatest stadiums of the modern era.

Today, customers request my services to create stadiums for their offices, their mancaves, or commercial purposes. Each stadium has its own degree of difficulty. We base most of our stadiums around a canvas of 32” x 32 “ x 12”. This allows us a legitimate chance to get most every detail correct on the stadium and still save space for other external things such as landscaping. Every once in a while, we create the stadium on a larger basis, which adds to the cost of shipment and reconfiguration of the design.

I've created hundreds of different stadiums in our 30-year history. I only create stadiums based on whether a person orders one or not. If they do order, it is my duty to construct it as detailed as possible.  Most stadiums are created from a material known as foam core. It is lightweight and easy to work with. I work from blueprints and memory. Sometimes, to become intimate with a project, I will fly to that stadium and study the architecture of that stadium.  Not only is this work, but it's also what I am most passionate about.  It is a great joy to create these works of arts.

So now, I've given you some knowledge of who I am.  What I want to do is put together some video shows about my work.  These may be broken up into 2 or 3 segments, showing the history of the stadium, and my inspiration to build it. I will take you through a process, showing the build of a stadium, and finally the finished model.

This is more an overview of some of the work that I've done over a period of time. Whether its #football, #basketball, #baseball, #track, and #field, or #hockey, I can build it and I want you to see some of my best of times, the art of building stadiums.

So ask questions and write me about potential projects and I will give you all the information I can.  Send me an email to for more information.  Check me out on Facebook at Stadiumsartus or The StadiumGuy and twitter at GuyStadium as well. Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your time to listen to this.

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