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Projects Launching Soon

LSU - Home of the Louisiana State Tigers.  In 2023, will be unveiling plans for our all-new Tiger Stadium. With its purple and yellow interior, this stadium will be one of the best looking stadiums of our collection. The exterior, complete with a Roman column look brings back memories of ancient gladiator lore. The stadium dimensions will be approximately 32 inches x 32 inches x 12 inches and will play the fight song. With its LED stadium lights and traditions surrounding the stadium, this classic work of art will be a collector's item.

LSU Stadium_14_Stadiums 'Art Us.jpg


LSU Stadium_15_Stadiums 'Art Us.jpg

Michigan Stadium, known as the Big House will be adorned in navy blue and maize yellow.  Michigan Stadium comes complete with LED stadium lighting and plays "Hail to the Victors".  This magnificent stadium will be one of our premier stadiums coming in 2023.

Michigan Stadium_Stadiums Art Us13.jpg



Michigan Stadium-Home of the Michigan Wolverines_Main_Stadiums 'Art Us.JPG

Kyle Field ranks as one of our all-time favorite stadiums. This cathedral of college football is created with deep burgundy seats.  With its different levels, we accent things such as stores, private box areas, and other things to give the fan a taste of how the stadium, would look on a miniature scale.  Being known for the 12th Man, will definitely look to include the statue of the 12th man in our piece.

Texas A&M Kyle Field_5_Stadiums 'Art Us.JPG


Texas A&M Kyle Field_6_Stadiums 'Art Us.JPG

Ohio Stadium is a classic stadium that Roman archways are prevalent around the stadium.  With its 7 Heisman Trophy winners. Ohio Stadium shows these greats in the upper level of the stadium.  In its scarlet and gray seating arrangement, Ohio Stadium is one of the most recognizable venues in the country.  We are looking to bring this stadium out in 2023.

Ohio State_SAU 2.jpg


Ohio State_SAU 1.jpg
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