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Unboxing of "The University Of Oklahoma" by customer Lenny Engleman

Thank you for this beautiful video Leonard Engleman

If we go back in time, the University of Oklahoma stadium was my first source of inspiration in the game of college football. If it wasn’t for watching the Game of the Century, I have no idea what would have inspired me to create the things I have over the years!

It just happen so a youngster named Lenny Engleman was watching that same game on that same day. We were on polar opposite ends of the spectrum, one rooting for the Sooners and the other rooting for Johnny Rodgers and “Big Red”.

How does one knows that someday, the paths of two kids from different corners of the country, of different races, and different passions for two teams, would meet thru the miracle of this thing called “the internet” and their shared love of college football?

These types of stories create movies but they also create friendships unexpectedly. Lenny found Stadiums ‘ Art Us by simply browsing for sports #collectibles. He immediately contacted us, inquiring about creating him a version of the University of Oklahoma Gaylord Memorial Stadium.

Within a matter of seconds in the initial conversation about building the stadium, Leonard immediately invested in the University of Oklahoma model.

We went over the details, such as the dimensions being 28” x 30”x 10”. Made of Styrofoam and plastic, and that it had LED stadium lighting and played “Boomer Sooner” with some of the traditions of the school shown. This would take about 6 weeks to complete and would be shipped out via UPS.

#collectibles #universityofoklahoma #football #art #design #gaylordcenter

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