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To See Your Dream Coming to Reality

When you look at this stadium, know that it is the culmination of a dream that manifested in me from as far back as 1971. I am one of those that hold on to things all my life. Walt Disney calls it "sticktoitiveness". I pride myself on being persistent like that.

So as you watch this video, know that every angle of the stadium, every LED stadium light, every sound effect that you hear, and every stage of evolution of my work came with many sacrifices, much education, many failures, some discouragement but many triumphs.

I come from a high school called Southside High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Our motto was simply "Strive, Struggle, and Succeed". It is ingrained in our culture, our DNA to know that you give your all, no matter the obstacles, and figure out a way to succeed at what you do. The motto so inspired me that I've adopted it in my life's work.

My work is still in a patent-pending state and will now go thru the NCAA licensing process with the blessing of the University of Tennessee but I can tell you, the road has not been easy and it will continue to have land mines along the way.

However, if what we can give to VOL Nation, the opportunity to own their very own miniature Neyland Stadium at an affordable price that plays "Rocky Top", has LED stadium lighting and is littered with traditions around the stadium will be of great joy to me and my company.

While we will be creating this at many other schools, just the knowledge that it started at the school where I walked the campus for 5 years as a student, will be such a positive lasting feeling for me.

The Stadium Guy

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