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The Vision to Supply All College Football Diehards!!!

I’ve spent much of my professional career in aerospace engineering, telecommunication engineering, or architecture. In those years, I have taken those skills along with my passion for sports to create the chance for college #footballfans to have a piece of my art in their homes.

I have designed more than 100 different college football stadiums. Along with those, I have an array of other sports facilities. I have the architectural staff and capacity to recreate these works of art provided college alumni bases and booster clubs buy into owning their favorite cathedrals.

So the hope is to establish Vester programs aimed at giving the alumni base the best possible price. Whether it’s BAMA, Ohio State, Auburn, Oregon, or Tennessee, we have the staff and technology to build the stadium to museum quality if enough people at said institution wanted it. For more information, contact us at or

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