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The Stadium Guy is Looking for 500 Volunteers

In our quest to bring our museum quality renditions of Rocky Top featuring Neyland Stadium, we are looking for 500 Volunteers to help bring this product to Vol Nation.

While we do have the blessings of the university to move forward on licensing, we need an army of investor to help us get it going thru Kickstarter or the equivalent.

In the upcoming weeks, more information will be given about the campaign. This stadium and campus is approximately 30”x30”x10”. It comes with LED stadium lighting and Neyland Stadium comes with renovations that are underway and to be finished by 2023.

Presently the stadium plays the school fights song and controlled by remote control. A lighted portion of the Tennessee River sits adjacent to Neyland in the southern part of the display.

This is museum quality architecturally designed and has the feel of being on campus.

We are creating these pieces to be affordable for our first 500 Volunteers.

If this is something that interest you, contact us at or We will update you as we move forward.

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