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The Stadium Guy is Grounded in 2020...

Due to Covid-19, the Stadium Guy will not be making trips to Columbus, Ohio to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes or Tallahassee, Florida to watch Chief Osceola throw down the spear, or Lincoln, Nebraska to watch his beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers or Death Valley in Baton Rouge to watch a night game for the LSU Bengal Tigers or to Massachusetts to watch Harvard-Yale or Washington state to see the Huskies play.

The Stadium Guy will not be going to stadiums with clients, showing the different phases of the architectural process or showing the nuances of different stadiums. The Stadium Guy will not be tailgating with rabid fans, eating their hotlinks and barbecue, or throwing down on some Coca Cola (I don't drink beer/liguor). The Stadium Guy will not be staying in 4 and 5 star hotels this year, going shopping for game day merchandise, or making a quick late night run to the local Walmart.

The Stadium Guy will not be wearing game day jerseys and shirts or other paraphernalia to the stadiums to just fit in with the home team (knowing the blood runs deep with orange and white) because it makes the client happy (not BAMA though).

The Stadium Guy will not be able to take an Uber around the city to see sites, go to historical sites in that college town, or go watch a movie.

The Stadium Guy will not feel the anticipation of walking to the stadium for game day and sitting in the stands with 100,000 fans roaring and screaming for their team. He won't be able to go to A&M and experience their traditions of hugging and singing or Notre Dame and see where Rockne, Gipp, Montana, the Four Horsemen and all the legends once roamed the field.

The Stadium Guy will have no need to hop on a plane to go back to his Stadiums 'Art Us offices and get his engineering team started on a stadium project that he just visited.

But although these are things that will not take place does not mean we are doing nothing. There is much work to do in house and many projects still being worked on so until next year, we will be showing people what we've done and tell the stories of creating a great job at Stadiums 'Art Us.

Check me out on my Stadium Guy Facebook page or at Stadiums 'Art Us Facebook page. Our next big projects after OU finish today is Ohio State and Auburn! Like us on our Stadiums 'Art Us FB page and check out our work at

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