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The Horseshoe Is Really Coming

Just vacuumed out the stadium of a lot of debris. You can really start to see everything coming together on the stadium. Finishing the walkways and will be installing the portals exits. Gotta start creating donor boxes around stadium.

I can envision how it looks once I fill with a capacity Buckeye crows. The lights illuminate very well.

The Horseshoe of Ohio State game now has lights. This remote-controlled LED stadium lights will act as a great backdrop in this display.

We are just about 25% complete with this diatoms but at least this client’s lights are working! Now, we get sound effects in and that will be another nail in the coffin.

Then the real work starts in creating the #spectators, #cheerleaders, #band and #teams.

This is gonna be a spectacular display!

Email for orders (projects) to or

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