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As the CEO of, Reginald Rutledge (known as the #StadiumGuy) epiphany was first realized when he was a kid growing up in Memphis, Tennessee. After watching the Greatest Game of the Century between Nebraska and Oklahoma in 1971, Rutledge began to imagine building that scene that he saw on ABC in Norman, Oklahoma.

Years later, he would gain the necessary formal training through, engineering, architecture, and paralegal studies to feel equipped to turn his dream into reality. Willing to risk it all, the owner is now on the precipice of making it a reality.

"I just want anyone who loves their school to be able to have a piece of my art to remember the great football experiences they may have had."

With the University of Tennessee offering a verbal agreement on this patent-pending idea, Ohio State is the second in a long list of stadiums Rutledge has designed. With his design team in place, it has been a life long ambition of this passionate fan. will have crowdfunding campaigns to bring these 3D works of art to these schools in mid-August. They are 30"x30"x10". The campaign is 90 days approximately and once the numbers are reached, production will begin with an early December shipment of the product.

So be sure and come aboard the #VOLVESTER and #BUCKEYEVESTER campaign to get your very own Saturday football cathedral.

For more information, PM us or contact us at


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