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Stadiums ‘Art Us Scores the Winning Basket with the “Game on Lakewood”

A local sports bar outside of Cleveland, Ohio in Lakewood, Ohio.

Owner, Mike DelFavero, immediately saw the potential of what Stadiums ‘Art Us miniature stadiums and arenas could bring to his sports bar while browsing new ideas online. DelFavero had seen a version of the Cleveland Municipal Stadium baseball configuration by Stadiums ‘Art Us and knew at that point, the possibilities were real for what he wanted.

At that point, Mike DelFavero contacted Stadiums ‘Art Us nationally renowned artist and owner, Reginald Rutledge to discuss creating the Richfield Coliseum, home to the Cleveland Cavaliers during the 80’s and 90’s. DelFavero wanted something unique to the Cleveland area that no one else had. The #RichfieldColiseum basketball arena was definitely the way to go.

Game on Lakewood Bar and Restaurant

The “Game on Lakewood” sets up as the classic place to have such a piece displayed. This high traffic eatery is Lakewood’s hottest sports bar at the corner of Detroit and Cordova. Featuring full menu until 1am, 19 drafts, 27 HDTV's, 2 pool tables, Golden Tee, and more! This is one of those joints where Browns, Cavs, and Cleveland Indian fans congregate to raise a beer to their favorite team and cheer them on to victory. Now, they get to see a piece of art that reminds them of a golden era in their sports history.

The Richfield Coliseum will be 30” x 30” x 15” approximately with a detachable roof. It comes with LED stadium lighting and sound effects. It will offer optional basketball players such as the Cleveland Cavaliers teams of yore. It takes 6 weeks to complete the project from start to end.

Richfield Coliseum

Owner DelFavero immediately saw the potential for that “Wow piece” that could attract people from a Point-of-Purchase standpoint. He is also considering a second piece from Stadiums ‘Art Us as well so this is a budding relationship that could be very significant.

As we begin the process of constructing this coliseum, we will post pictures and give updates to the progress. To discuss a project (stadium), give us a call on +1 817-800-3080 OR send an email to

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