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Stadiums 'Art Us - Neyland Stadium

We finally got all the changes and revisions done on our soon-to-be NCAA licensed Neyland Stadium for the Tennessee Volunteers Nation. This has been a life-long pursuit by The Stadium Guy.

This stadium will come with LED stadium lighting, traditional dogwood flowers, and plays the Tennessee fight song "Rocky Top".

As the architect, designer, and visionary, the stadium incorporates renovation features that were supposed to take place this year and in the next two years. When the UT licensing office saw the mock-up last year, they were excited as we were!

In this version, you see some of the landscape external to the stadium such as a portion of the Tennessee River, some streets and buildings, etc. For the Vol fan, you will only get the actual stadium and a portion of the walkway areas.

I have designed more than 120 different college stadiums, 30+ NFL stadiums, NCAA and NBA basketball arenas, MLB stadiums and hockey, NASCAR, and horse racing venues.

Since this will be our first of many, I take great pleasure in presenting The University of Tennessee's Neyland Stadium. Follow me on Facebook at The Stadium Guy and check out our site at

We are looking to do a Kickstarter campaign on Neyland Stadium and would love for you all to tell your favorite VOL friends and faithful that we need your help to make this stadium a reality as a piece of wall art or table display.

Architect: Reginald Rutledge Engineer: Reginald Rutledge

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