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Sports Paintables Basics

The sports collectibles business is a billion-dollar industry. Within that business are various niches that one can specialize in. Cottage industries are set up through these various parts. Within these sectors, a person can make money based on their skill levels.

As painters, some may want to do it to profit whereas others may want to paint just to take an emotional edge off or for self-pleasure.

My “Sports Paintables” brand will be offering a wide range of 6” figures to the general public from football, basketball, baseball, hockey to public figures, fraternities and sororities, bands, and cheerleaders. These are my own 3D modeling creations that I have put together over the course of a few years.

Over the course of time, I will be able to show the basics of painting, decals, mounting, packaging, promotion, and mounting your 6” figures.

Activities such as Zoom paint parties and scheduled sessions as well as YouTube “How to” sessions can be created. Instead of game nights sometimes, have a paint party! There is so many cottage businesses that can be created from gaining this knowledge. As an #entrepreneur, I always see a dollar where others may see trash! That is what I do. So let me teach you how to fish! You can have minimal or no skill as a painter but if you have a willingness to learn and patience, then you will do just fine.

Check out a couple of poses that were created last week by both RoseMary Simpson and myself on an impromptu FB live session. Rose did much of the hard work on Watson and I just came back and cleaned him up. And let’s understand, I am no Picasso! I have no time to be but just maybe you are! And in this time of COVID-19, what a great way to take the edge off.

So this weekend, I will be dropping a video on the basics of what is needed to get started. PM me if you are interested in more information or contact me at or I’m already working on these things so why not help somebody?

Check out our Sports Paintables on our website.

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