Somebody Wanted to Know This About Me...

What were some of the stadiums and arenas I've done, what have they been used for, and what are some of the other things you do?

Answer: I go by the name of "The Stadium Guy" and I've created most all the college, NFL, and many major league baseball and NBA arenas. Because I am an engineer and architect by trade, this type of work falls right in line with my passions. I went to the University of Tennessee where I studied aerospace engineering and the University of Texas (at Dallas) where I studied electrical engineering. I am a 3D modeler/designer and I spend most of my time inventing and creating things. My idols are Thomas Alva Edison, Garrett Morgan, Alexander Graham Bell, Einstein, and MLK.

All of these men have shaped who I am. I travel to stadiums throughout the country watching football games, studying their architecture, and enjoying their local cuisine. I love stylish attire so I always try to take in a performance when on the road. I plan my schedule to try to make it to several college games on any given weekend.

My heart truly takes me back to Rocky Top to see the VOLS and just be apart of the atmosphere. I always love going to different schools to check out the stadiums. When I get that information, I take that knowledge back home and making that stadium becomes easier. I do this for a living so I try to put my all into each work of art.

Most people want stadiums for their mancaves, offices, or as displays. I would always tell people that if you are interested, get in line QUICKLY! Here are some of the stadiums I have created for customers. As for 3D modeling, anything you can think of, I can probably do it or have done it. I'm not the greatest painter of these models, for I don't concentrate my efforts on that but I do ok.

Here's a shortlist of some of my works of art: Tennessee Vols Neyland, Texas, Michigan, LSU, AT&T, Ohio State, A&M, OU, Philadelphia Linc, NE Pats, Notre Dame, Florida Sate, Florida, RCA Dome, Thompson Boling Arena, Texas Motorsport Speedway, Cleveland Municipal, McAfee, Ford Field, Lambeau, Yankee StadiumTexas Rangers Ballpark, Dallas Mavs, Oregon, Penn State, Michigan State, Texas Tech, Florida, Arrowhead, Georgia, Arkansas, Wrigley, the Rose Bowl, the Cotton Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, Heinz, New England, Jacksonville, Ericcson, Duke, Boston Garden, and many others. Some I still have pics on and others I do not.

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