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Modifications to Ohio State Buckeyes 'TheHorseShoe'

Making Changes to the Horseshoe LED Lights

Finalizing some key areas on the Ohio State Buckeyes 'Shoe. I've been working on some key changes before we make a presentation to the university.

Pictures truly can't describe the precision of what we've done with this college football cathedral. This is a museum-quality stadium that could be the centerpiece in a man-cave, living room, law or doctor office, or trophy room.

This stadium has the ability to play the fight-song, has traditions around the stadium, and has LED stadium lighting that makes you think you are right there in Columbus!

PM us for more information regarding the #Buckeyevester program.

Facebook: @stadiumsartus1

Instagram: @stadiumsartus1

                        Dimensions: 31"x31"x11"

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