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New Images of our Stylish Neyland Stadium. Sunny day, LED lights and more...

It serves primarily as the home of the #TennesseeVolunteers football team.

In the Stadiums 'Art Us lab, we constantly are stretching the boundaries to create realism on the miniature level with our works of art.

In our many years, we've created more than 100 different stadiums for our customers and this #NeylandStadium represents our latest addition for licensing. This version of #NeylandStadium is based on all the renovations coming to Rocky Top in the upcoming years. As you can see from this snippet, the details of the architecture and landscaping is spot on. This high end piece of art is taken from the mind of our creator, Reginald Rutledge, who attended UT in the early '80s.

Check out more of our work on & follow Stadium Guy on Facebook.

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