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John Miller and "The Stadium Guy"

In 1971, the #1 ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers and the #2 Oklahoma Sooners played in Norman, Oklahoma in what would be billed as “The Game of the Century”. This was my first true introduction into college football. Great All-American players such as Greg Pruitt and Outland Award winner Rich Glover were among-st the legendary players but one player stood out as the headliner, Heisman Trophy Winner, Johnny Rodgers. The Huskers went on to win the game that day, in what was truly a game of the ages. For me, watching all the elements of the pageantry of college football would leave a lasting impression on my life.

For the first time, I truly noticed what a capacity crowd was. Back in those days, the stadiums weren’t these monstrous cathedrals that seats over 100,000 adoring fans today. They were more intimate and often times, the stands were closer to the field. A capacity crowd of just over 60,000 fans at Owenby Field was a record for that game. Each school was rich in tradition with great fight-songs like Boomer Sooner. Many games were played during day time because some schools had yet added stadium lighting for night games. As I watched the magic of this great game and one of my all time favorite players, I began to look at the game from a different perspective – the aesthetics.

I guess I need to let you know who I am and what I do. My name is Reginald Rutledge and I am known as “The Stadium Guy”. I love the game of football in general. I am a historian of the game and always looking to seek more knowledge about the game. Some of the knowledge I love acquiring about the game is the architecture of stadiums. You would be surprised how some of these stadiums started off as simple erector stands made of aluminum or wood and over the decades have grown into some of the greatest and most well-known stadiums in the country.

To give you a little history about me, I went to the University of Tennessee where I studied aerospace engineering. In the 5 years I walked the campus of Rocky Top, I saw major changes to Neyland Stadium. From a 2-tier half stadium with open ends to the great coliseum it is today, I saw the stadium continuously grow. After my years at Tennessee, I took a job in the Helicopter industry where I worked in stress and strain analysis and ballistics. From there, I went back to school and got a degree in electrical engineering, specializing in telecommunications at the University of Texas at Dallas. During my years in telecom, I developed patents in modularity and point-of-purchase products. I was always working on stadium designs on the side. As a matter of fact, one of the companies I was employed at, fired me after the manager saw me appearing in a local paper showing my work in stadium building. It would not be the last time. I continue to hone my skills in stadium building over the years until I reached a point that maybe, I could take that leap of faith and do something I loved – start my own business.

So today, I have taken all that energy and passion in sports, architecture, and engineering to create a business called In my business, I am commissioned to create miniature stadiums complete with LED stadium lighting and fight-songs or other sound effects for the client’s stadium of choice. Whether it is football, basketball, baseball or hockey, me along with my staff can build it! My engineering and architecture staff handles everything from structural design to 3D modeling.

In our documentaries of “The Stadium Guy”, you will go on trips with us to various sports venues across the country. You will get a first hand look at some of the sports monuments across the country. You will get to know some of our clients, find out about their passion for their team and why these one-of-a kind works of art is now the centerpiece in their man-caves. So sit back and watch as we show our passions from the concept stage to the delivery of the stadium. I hope you enjoy and tell somebody else who may be interested in a piece like this what we do.

Thank you,

The Stadium Guy.

Super Fan John Miller

He lives in Alexandria, Louisiana. He studied at LSU. urrounded by legions of LSU Tiger fans, this Alabama Crimson Tide fan has loved them since he was a little boy. He loved watching Derrick Thomas terrorize SEC defenses. His favorite player of all time is Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry.

Being a lifelong BAMA fan, John Miller would take crap from LSU fans. The SEC fans are the most passionate, rabid, and crazed fans in the country. Saturdays down South is truly a religion. And at one point, the Alabama Crimson Tide program was not doing well. So John had to endure the mockery of losing in the SEC. That’s just what they do in the SEC.

So after a decade of losing, the Tide hired Nick Saban and their fortunes changed. With 18 National Champions that span from 1925 to 2020, the Tide plays in front of a capacity crowd of 102,000 fans. Because of John’s love for BAMA, he made the call to us to create the ultimate stadium, Bryant-Denny Stadium.

John plans are to make Bryant-Denny Stadium his centerpiece to his collection in his man-cave. This stadium was handcrafted from foam core and wood. It comes with LED stadium lighting, plays BAMA fight song, landscaped with some architectural touches. There are 4 magnetic scoreboards that sit in the corners of the stadium just above the 1st tier. There are 18 national championship flags that fly above the north end-zone section.

The physical dimension of the stadium is 30” x 30” x 11”. The stadium is housed in a protective clear acrylic casing, which keeps all foreign particles out. The cost of this piece was $2600. We thank you John for believing in our product and we are now ready to send it your way today!

Thank you!

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