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Imagine The Possibilities of Waking Up to This!!!

Tennessee #Vols fans are everywhere. The other day, my wife and I got off the highway, and to our delight, pulling up right next to us was a lady with a #VOL logo on her car. We honked our horn at her, she rolled down the window, and we commenced singing "#RockyTop" to her! She began singing and we clapped and had the biggest laugh from that. She was from Johnson City and we were from Memphis. The funny thing was, we both live in Arlington, #TEXAS!!!!

Imagine waking up to the sound of that beautiful "unofficial" fight song. It would be music to your ears! Now, you can help me make that come true with the purchase of one of Neyland Stadiums. With the upgrades that will be coming in the upcoming years, this is our museum-quality version of the great cathedral in the South!

My name is Reginald Rutledge. I went to UTK from 1979-84 where I majored in aerospace engineering. I went on to a career in engineering and architecture, but my passion is Tennessee sports. Thus, I created a company around my desire to give everyone who is a diehard #VOL fan to help me bring this Neyland Stadium to the general public through a Kickstarter program we're establishing called #VOLVESTERS.

For the low price of $600 and the high end of $950, you can become a VOLVESTER in the near future. We need to get a 500 member committed army of VOLVESTERS to bring this awesome piece of art to Big Orange nation.

This is a display stadium with dimensions of 31" x 31" x 8". Neyland comes equipped with LED stadium lighting and plays Rocky Top. Landscape legends such as the Tennessee River and Stadium Drive are prominently displayed. The beautiful Tennessee River lights up in the dark and it makes you feel like you are right there. To me, this is a masterpiece and it sits prominently in our living room as a reminder of our passion for the Tennessee VOLS.

Once the Kickstarter program is over, the price will go up to retail price, which would be about $1,800.00. If this is something that may interest you, please get on board and help me bring this to VOL Nation!

For more information on how to become a VOLVESTER, contact us at (817)800-3156 and speak to Rose. Also contact us at or

Now is definitely the time for us to get this ball rolling!

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