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I Want You To Have What I Have

For anyone who loves the University of Tennessee and the Volunteer football program, this is something you must have!

I have dedicated most of my life to #UniversityofTennessee in one way or another. My first memories of Big Orange football was watching Condredge Holloway perform his Houdini act for years at Neyland.

As a student, I ran to my aerospace engineering classes from Hess Hall and Melrose Hall for 5 years.

I’ve donated to the UTK because I’ve always believed in what it stood for. And now, I am creating this Kickstarter campaign so others can have what I see on a daily basis.

This piece is a part of my art collection entitled “Rocky Top featuring Neyland Stadium”. This is a display of the campus and the cathedral the #TennesseeVols play in. It is 31” x 31” x 7”. These were created as prototypes by my engineering/architecture department. I am launching a #Kickstartercampaign beginning November 6, 2020.

I need your help by investing thru the purchase of this art. This is known as our VOLVESTERS program. The incentive is you will get one of these at a $600 price tag if you are one of the first 150 VOLVESTERS. The next price point would be $750 for the next 150 in our army. And for the last 200 stadiums, it would be $900. After that, this art goes to retail price which will be substantially higher.

I work on literally hundreds of stadiums and arenas so I’ve invested a lifetime to this project as well as financially. I’ve endured many sacrifices to bring this to #VolNation. This patent-pending work of Art is in its last part of the journey to reach thousands of Tennessee fans.

Imagine having something like this under protective acrylic casing that is uniquely Tennessee. I need you to become a member of the #VOLVESTERS army to make this a reality.

For more information, contact me at or,


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