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Here's Why You Need to Become a VOLVESTER

So on November 6th, 2020, I will open my Kickstarter campaign for my museum-quality piece called "Rocky Top featuring Neyland Stadium". By that time, this piece of art will be in the application process of the Collegiate Licensing Corporation.

As some of you know, I have spent many years creating these prototypes and making sure it meets with the highest quality. I've tested the sound and the lights to give the highest quality product to the buying public. This is a patent-pending piece that I have poured my heart, soul, and money into.

Anyone that knows me closely will tell you I've been working on things like this my entire life. I am an inventor and creator of many things but nothing touches me more than doing something special for the #UniversityofTennessee.

If this was just for me, I've got 3 in my home already! I have more than 100 different college stadiums in my home that I have created. So this is not something I can't have already. But my thoughts are simply, I want you to have this too and be able to experience what I can when I go to my lab and open the door and the lights of Neyland comes on and Rocky Top is played on the miniature version. I want you to get that special feeling when you go downstairs like I can and hit the remote and Neyland lights up in the dark of night and you see the campus under an acrylic protective casing. It is magical. I want you to see Neyland mounted on the wall and people drop by your house and say "Wow and INCREDIBLE"!

I am no salesman. As a matter of fact, I don't trust a lot of people trying to sell things to me. I can even understand your skepticism to think of this "Too good to be true" thing. I've been doing this my entire life. Truth be told, that's why I went to Tennessee and studied engineering so I could build stadiums. My architectural team has the ability to handcraft literally thousands of my work for our customers so you need not worry about whether you will get your product. I have no need to lie to you because my word is my bond and I would never want to mess that up! It would be my legacy (and who wants that?).

So now, I came back home sorta speak and I want you to take a strong look at being a #VOLVESTER when we open this up and help me bring this to the public. I can't do this along for you. I wish I was wealthy like that because I certainly would. I am just an inventor who has a dream that someday all my VOL brothers and sisters will be able to showcase their Neyland Stadium at their homes and businesses with a certain #BigOrange pride that last for generations and generations. This is that one singular piece that will give you that feeling. We need 500 Volvesters to make this a reality! So help make this possible for YOU!

Contact me at or The Kickstarter price for the first 150 units is $600, for the next 150 units is $750 and the final 200 is $900. Then it goes to retail price. Check out some of our other stadiums at

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