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Heinz Field - For the Steeler in Us

Tim Gill, don't think your words went on deaf ears! I know you love your Steelers more than most anybody I know. I saw you saying you use to order the Danbury Mint stadiums as sort of a collector's item. Their stadiums was one of the inspirations for me to build mine as well.

As a matter of fact, I have one that is almost complete but collecting a little dust right here in my house. This may be one that may interest you. It's not the size of an electric football stadium but this is for display purposes such as in a man cave or as a wall unit.

I want a reason to complete this job! Give me that reason. PM me because this one would be magnificent in your Steeler World!

This stadium is about 30 inches x 28 inches x 18 inches and it needs a home!

#stadiumsartus #stadiumguy #footballfigure

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