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Have You Ever Owned Something Like This?

One of the hardest things for a guy like me is to sit at home and watch The #TennesseeVolunteers play in #NeylandStadium, overlooking the Smoky Mountains and looking down the Tennessee River off of Stadium Drive and not be a part of the experience.

Watching Vol Walk, tailgating near the stadium, and walking the campus of Rocky Top is a part of Tennessee’s traditions.

I remember my years at UT, running to my aerospace engineering classes, passing Neyland in the way, and not appreciating the beauty of the experience.

Like most students, you take it for granted. Once you reach a certain age, the memories flood your mind and you wish you had just a piece of those great moments.

You can help me bring some of those moments back to you by becoming a member of our 500 member Volunteer Army called VOLVESTERS. Simply put, you would be one of those investing in the production of our patent-pending “Rocky Top featuring Neyland Stadium “.

We are having a Kickstarter campaign beginning November 6, 2020, and ending January 6, 2021. Your incentives are price points of $600, $750, and $900. We have reserved a certain amount of each unit at each price point. The other incentive is that whenever a game comes on and you can’t be there physically, you will always have your display to turn the LED stadium lights on and play Rocky Top and the fight song. Also, you are helping the university in our licensing agreement. It's a win-win proposition! The dimensions are 30" x 30" x 7" with an optional protective clear acrylic casing.

Don’t let me have to take my product to Florida, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Michigan, Georgia, LSU or you know who, BAMA, to become the first of it’s kind. I've designed more than 120 different college stadiums and I know their fanbase would support me. That honor should go to Tennessee because I will give my all to Tennessee today. Some VOLVESTERS have already started coming forward (in the tradition of our school and state) and pledging through our escrow account. Even though the campaign begins in November, they know it is a great product and they want to be among the first to help lead us to victory!

Please feel free to go on our site and check out a fraction of my work. The Volvester program information is on there as well. Contact us at or for more information.

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