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Going in the Mancave of El Hajj George Green ....Getting My Auburn On!!!!!

One of the great things about what I do, is being able to go from stadium to stadium working on it! Today I start the finishing process on the University of Auburn Jordan-Hare stadium!

This is one of the most beautiful stadiums I’ve ever worked on because the color patterns simply pop! Auburn has a navy, Orange and white color scheme. The stadium really does not supposed to have that, but to enhance the beauty of the stadium, you always try to lay the schools colors. Today I will be finishing up the ramps and the interior of the stadium. And if I have a chance I’ll start on the brick facade outside of the stadium. I should have the stadium finished in a couple Of days.

This stadium is for a customer of mine in Australia named El Hajj George Greene. He is in Auburn grad and he loves his school!.

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