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Finishing up all things Oklahoma

It's about 3 am and I've been on conference calls with my people around the globe. Without the internet, I have no business. Thank goodness it came to be in the late 80's/early 90's!

I've got this beautiful Oklahoma Sooner stadium I am finishing up for a client of mine. All I've gotta do is finish up the external landscaping and off it goes. I should get this done TODAY! Amazing how architectural construction can be pretty close to real-life construction for many reasons. I've got the external graphics completed and once these are laid, it will be boxed up for a Wednesday shipment.

Behind every piece of my work is a back story of the clients who own my art. I will tell a story of Leonard Engleman, a true OU fan. I think I've got quite a few stories to go back and tell - I just never had the time to finish them. I want to start doing this so people can see the kind of supporters I have in my business. I am so grateful for them having confidence in my abilities.

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