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Darryl Hardy Sings Rocky Top at StadiumsArtUs Owner's Home!

Fraternity Brother (Phi Beta Sigma) and Tennessee Volunteers Great Darryl Hardy Sings Rocky Top at Owner's Home!

Yesterday my Frat brother Darryl Hardy dropped by to pledge his support to Neyland Stadium and broke out in a little Rocky Top swag!

Hardy and I had never met each other in person but I covered his career on Rocky Top and in the NFL. It was fun just seeing Kappa Chi together like that! Thanks to one of my guys, Sam “LooBob” Henderson (Frat brother) for making the connection.!

As we get ready to get this Kickstarter campaign underway, Darryl Hardy, Sam Henderson (1985 Sugar Bowl Champion) Ethan Wolf’s dad have joined the pitch on this VOLVESTERS campaign and we want other Vol greats helping us!

For more information, contact us at or PM on Facebook.

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