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An Engineer Will Never Give You His Drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's 3:46 am on a Thursday morning and a brotha is putting in major work on his business. Grinding on a 20 hour day is the norm for me and at that time, some phase of my educational knowledge and prowess always seems to kick into the mix of what I do.

I always get a chuckle out of those who say "going to college and learning all that stuff never helps" or "you will never use any of that stuff that you learned in college when you work in the industry". I call BULLSHIT on all of that even for just the simple matter of working on a project and finishing it is a culmination of the science of learning.

When you go to college, in order to graduate, you have to learn how to take an assignment that you are given and complete it in the required time. So this is a learned behavior that you must exercise from course to course - and thus, you've learned something in college.

So when I am up at 2, 3, or 4 in the a.m., all of that "learning" kicks in for me. Things I teach myself at my ripe old age is amazing! We are in the dawning of the 21st century and technology is moving very quickly. While I hate change (and sometimes for the better), I know I must adapt to new ideas and new opportunities.

So when I began to learn about 3D modeling & printing, RoseMary Simpson and I would hop in our car and take a ride over to this "3D Geek place" and just hang out and learn and take classes. We would always say that "For the Rutledge house, investing in big ideas and new technology was worth it", for knowledge is gold - right?

While everyone charts their own path, RoseMary Simpson and I have every reason to rest on whatever laurels/accomplishments we've had during our lifetime. However, because of our A-type personalities, we always seem to find more things to tackle.

Rose will tell you I am extreme in my pursuit of knowledge though. So with this 3D thing, I wanna learn and understand every aspect of this because I assess the benefits well ahead of others. It's just the way I work. Anyhow, I was watching a newsfeed tonight and the great Bob Woodward was on and made a statement about "the engineer not leaving his drawings". Rose and I got a chuckle from that in that at least once or twice a week, somebody writes me and ask for files/drawings that has taken me months to develop. They want to buy my files from me or just simply hand them freely to them. Since developing these files, I know they are worth a great deal of money but more so, the late nights and early mornings to create them make it impossible to entertain the idea. You can't put a price on hard work. I'm not sure if these fools think I am "Willie Foo-Foo" but I am not the one to come at like that. If a person was willing to stay up with me 20 hours a day, learn and collaborate for 50+ years with me, then I may consider it but I have yet to find anyone like that!!!!

In this day and age, people want to share/collaborate information like that (which is of great value). Guys like myself may be considered "selfish" because I won't hand over trade secrets to everybody. I will tell them how my father use to tell me, "Just keep a living". Coke never handed over its secret to Pepsi or any other company and that's why Coke is who it is.

"I work too hard to freely hand over proprietary information like that."

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