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Always Know Your Value

I just have to say this and I will move on. Sometimes people will go onto one of my company sites, love what they see, ask what the price is, and then will say it's pricey.

Then you ask them what are expecting to pay for a work of art? They will say prices like $300. They really do not understand that the $300 will not even cover a 4th of the material cost.

Yeah, they love it and they want it, but don't want to pay for it. I'm ok with that but when you tell them the real value, based on market price in the architectural industry is usually more than $20,000 for what I do. And that's at the low end.

So I do appreciate them for asking but they just don't know the value of the work. So even at $1,500 for architectural models, these are still considered dirt cheap. However, I want people to have a piece of my work because you just never know where life leads you. And I do understand, it is not for everybody. And that's the beauty of it!

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